Born to Malian parents in New York City, along with her father’s career in the United Nations, Ms. Aminata Annie Soumare was exposed to different cultures at an early age.  In addition to living in the United States, she spent a significant amount of time in Rwanda and Benin where she received part of her education.  In 2015, Aminata studied abroad at the University of Ghana to fulfill her senior year requirement. She graduated in May 2016 from Emory University-Atlanta, Georgia with a major in Biology and African Studies. Presently, Aminata is doing a Gap Year in Ghana, and as part of that process is pursuing an internship with, a Pan-African organization that works to “Engage, Inspire and Equip young women and girls to become the next generation of leading politicians, activists, social entrepreneurs and change agents”.medical-photo

When the Moremi Initiative Team sat down with Aminata, she shared with us her vision to practice as a medical doctor supporting African communities in the Diaspora, in particular New York, to access quality healthcare. She also emphasized her commitment to make contributions towards improved health outcomes in West Africa by opening health clinics. Finally, she shared her goal to help facilitate a process (medical institutes) that will allow doctors in West Africa to specialize. Aminata admits this is a huge vision and goal, yet she is propelled by her tenacity, dedication and passion that “All this is Possible”, and from where we sit, in the short time that she has worked with Moremi Initiative, we echo her sentiments!

While interning at Moremi Initiative, Aminata will help with some fundraising, and coordinate the re-launch of the African Girls Congress and our WoMentoring Program.  Aminata sees her work at Moremi Initiative as part of her leadership development process, and hopes to learn more about sexual and reproductive health 13147583_10209780327524187_3057550636343364776_orights (SRHR) through direct engagement with partners and MiLEAD Fellows focusing on SRHR via community change (MiCHANGE) projects.  At Moremi Initiative, engaging new interns and volunteers is part of our deliberate strategy to build a robust organization to support a vibrant and dynamic movement of young African women leaders championing social justice and change. Prior to Moremi Initiative, Aminata volunteered with Pawsitive Outreach and Emory University’s Refugee GED program.

There truly are many parts to Aminata that makes her a Whole Woman. During her Gap Year, she is also preparing for medical school with a strong interest in global/public health to enable her to work with the UN on social health policy and management. As if these aspirations are not enough, Aminata is also a model who has been featured in photo shoots for brands and companies like Haske’ Collections, Alliance Française and Accra Mall. She loves travelling, reading and photography. A truly remarkable and all round individual, Aminata brings so much to Moremi Initiative and for that we are truly grateful.


Moremi Initiative was established in 2004 by a group of dedicated and highly committed activists and professionals to develop creative strategies that will address African women’s woeful underrepresentation in decision-making and leadership.  Moremi’s work is guided by the understanding that, preparing and equipping young women and girls for transformational leadership requires offering spaces and opportunities for growth and experimentation. We firmly believe that the full and active participation of women in decision-making is a pre-requisite for positive change and development in Africa. Headquartered in Ghana with a presence in the United States, Moremi Initiative operates across Africa. We pursue proactive strategies for long-term leadership development through capacity building, advocacy, solidarity and mentoring. Moremi Initiative is United Nations accredited NGO with ECOSOC status and enjoys official partnerships with UN Women and other international organizations.

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