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Passing on the Baton: Issues of the Women’s Movement, Youth and Media in Sustaining Responses on

Gender Equality in the ECOWAS Region

[A Moremi Initiative- UN Women-West Africa collaboration]

Moremi Initiative for Women’s Leadership in Africa in partnership UN Women- West Africa Regional Office (WARO) and other convening partners convened a one day Forum with key stakeholders on Youth, the Women’s Movement and Media in West Africa. The Forum under the theme “Passing On The Baton: Issues of The Women’s Movement, Youth and Media in Sustaining Responses on Gender Equality in The Ecowas Region” was organized as part of the UN Women High Level Symposium for ECOWAS Ministers of Finance and Women held in Accra Ghana from September 13-15, 2011.

The Pre-Symposium Forum was held on Monday September 12, 2011 at the M-Plaza hotel in Ghana’s capital Accra with the purpose to:
 Deepen discussions on the contribution of each of the three actors: youth, media and women’s movement.
 Engage and solicit inputs from stakeholders on youth, media and the women’s movement – particularly young women leaders and the women’s movement for the High Level Symposium of ECOWAS Ministers of Finance and Women.
 Propose concrete and actionable proposals to accelerate the implementation of commitments as well as define roles and responsibilities and timelines.
UN Women Africa, as part of the ongoing historic institutional transformation for women at the UN level, renews its commitment to ensure greater engagement of African youths in addressing critical issues of importance to women and girls on the continent. This forum is one of the ways in which the UN Women WARO seeks to connect with and engage the youth- especially young women in the sub-region.

The Forum was carefully designed to encourage interactive dialogue- through interactive discussions, expert presentations and strategy sessions.

The full report is available upon request from partners at moremiinitiative.org

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