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UN Women Directory of Stakeholders on Youth in Africa

[A Moremi Initiative- UN Women-Africa Collaboration]

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In order to strengthen its engagement and collaboration with stakeholders on youth in Africa, UN WOMEN in partnership with Moremi Initiative for Women’s Leadership in Africa compiled a directory of key individuals and organizations promoting youth empowerment, particularly for young women in Africa. Local, national and regional organizations/institutions that work with young people in Africa are invited to join this partnership.

As the newly established UN WOMEN sets its agenda and strategic direction for women all over the world, it is committed to a more active engagement with young people and their organizations throughout Africa. Youth leaders, advocates and youth organizations were invited to join this historic process.


  • Help broaden UN WOMEN”s reach and impact in the communities you represent.
  • Co-organize community and other outreach programs at grassroots and national levels.
  • Participate in other UN WOMEN programs, campaigns, meetings and projects across the continent.
  • Inclusion in the directory as potential resource persons or partner for future programs.
  • Develop partnerships for broad-based dissemination of publications and resources by UN WOMEN and partners.
  • Inclusion in UN WOMEN consultations and dialogues.

The initiative identified hundreds of stakeholders from across the continent, that are committed to work together for empowerment and  change for the youth in Africa.

DOWNLOAD the full Directory of Stakeholders on Youth in Africa

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