Moremi Initiative has a strong track record successfully initiating and interactive dialogues, summits and strategy sessions on transformational leadership and a wide range of today’s most critical issues. Moremi Initiative has developed a unique capacity to facilitate regional and multi-stakeholder consultations that generate fresh ideas from the continent and provide input into important UN processes. Under the auspices of UN WOMEN-Africa and in partnership with the Imbuto Foundation, Moremi Initiative convened a historic two-day consultative conference in Kigali, Rwanda, which successfully solicited input from young Africans to inform UN WOMEN’s first global strategy. The outcome of this and other related consultations Moremi spearheaded served as the official input from Africa into the original priorities and strategy of the newly created UN WOMEN. Moremi facilitated and currently hosts the UN WOMEN-Africa e-Discussions forum – with over 3,000 young Africans as members on the Facebook

  • Thematic Summits: Thematic summits are intended ultimately to raise visibility about critical issues, and to rally the voices of women and stake holders for advocacy and action. The summits highlight shared experiences and emerging challenges on these issues as well as generating greater understanding and catalyzing new ideas for young African women leadership on these important issues. The Summits are unique in the sense that they encourage active sharing from personal, community to regional outlooks and beyond- with a focus on individual and collective roles of young African women. Examples of thematic summits Moremi Initiative has convened include (i) “Summit on African Women’s Political Participation”; (ii) “Summit on Women’s Health and Safety- Gender Based Violence and HIV/AIDS”; (iii) “Summit on Regional Social and Economic Challenges and opportunities in Africa”; and (iv) “Summit on What Young Women and Girls want in the 2016 Ghana Elections”.
  • Annual Women’s Leadership Conference: Our Women’s Leadership Conference is hosted annually by Moremi Initiative to establish an interdisciplinary African community committed to the development of women’s leadership. These annual conferences bring participants from across the globe, including leaders, teachers, students, and fellows with interest and expertise in various disciplines to share and strategize on how to enhance women’s leadership and prepare future generations in their respective countries or sub-regions. Since 2004, Moremi Initiative has facilitated several of these conferences and summits in partnership with several organizations including UN Women, Mbuto Foundation, UNIFEM, Global Green Grants, Girls Not Bride, and Women’s Initiative for Self-Empowerment (WISE) among others.
  • Young Feminists Summit: Young women and girls constitute one of the most powerful demographics in the world today- both in numbers and in collective potential. The choices this generation of young women make will not only shape their lives, but that of a whole new generation of boys and girls in the world. Through our young Feminists Summit, Moremi Initiative provides a rallying forum for young women’s voices, and, a platform for the promotion of feminist values that puts a commitment to equal rights at its center.  We believe that, though the individual voices of girls and young women may be drowned out by the noise, together, their collective voice will be too powerful to ignore. The young feminist’s forum thus convenes a community of young women leaders and change makers to dialogue and exchange ideas / strategies on advancing gender equality and empowerment of girls through young women’s political participation.