As a leading and pioneer organization promoting women’s leadership development in Africa, we pursue proactive and innovative strategies to nurture and promote a new generation of transformational leaders.  Our investments in transformational leadership continue to inspire and equip a powerful network of 21st century leaders and change agents. Through experiential leadership training, mentoring, community service and skills-training, we build the capacity of young African women and girls to actively participate in decision-making at all levels and to become responsible stewards of power through enhanced knowledge, skills, values and support network.



  • MILEAD: The MILEAD Fellows Program is a uniquely designed initiative committed to the long-term leadership development and promotion of Africa’s most promising young women. The MILEAD program identifies and invites young women between the ages of 19 and 25 to take part in a year-long leadership development program and Fellowship. Young women selected as fellow’s progress through three phases that include 1) education and training; 2) mentoring, networking, and community development and; 3) resource mobilization support and assistance.
  • Participants in the program benefit from a combination of training and mentoring crafted to build skills, strengthen networks, and support women’s leadership on critical issues. Fellows benefit from lifelong solidarity and support through the MILEAD Network. Presently, our MILEAD Fellows Program is one of the most competitive and impactful leadership initiatives on the continent today – boasting of a growing and dynamic network with over 200 exceptional young leaders, who share a commitment to shape their respective communities and the future of Africa. Together, they form a growing powerful pan-African community that can positively impact the future of our great continent.




  • MILEAD Institute: The MILEAD Institute takes place annually from July to August in Ghana as the first phase of the year-long leadership development program. The three-week intensive residential training, the MiLEAD Institute provides the Fellows with the platform to cross-examine concepts of leadership in a broad African context, cultivate the skills and experiences necessary to occupy and excel in leadership positions; gain knowledge on cutting-edge issues critical to African women and their communities; as well as build strong solidarity networks. All 25 Fellows for the year, representing 25 African countries convene for the Institute, which is dubbed “The Power to Lead.” The institute holds approximately forty-five hours of academic lectures and skills training, twenty-hours of practical leadership and community work, field trips to selected international and local organizations and participation in thematic summits and seminars. Through a host of programs including skills training, lectures, role-playing, community projects, field trips, mentoring and other interactive activities, Fellows are able to deepen their knowledge and sharpen their skills for bold, visionary and effective leadership.
  • MiCHANGE: One of the distinguishing features of our transformational leadership approach to sustained advocacy and positive action is the deliberate integration of community service into our program. Every Fellow conceptualizes and implements a community change (MiCHANGE) project that addresses a critical issue of importance in their community. These projects are fine-tuned during the MiLead Institute, after they receive project management training. During the project implementation period, Moremi Initiative provides facilitation, mentorship, and a seed grant where necessary/possible. MiCHANGE Projects often span strategic intervention areas like increasing access to education, clean drinking water and economic justice. It also includes awareness and advocacy projects on human rights, gender based violence, child marriage, and the political and economic empowerment of women. Each fellow, in seeking to make a change to community focuses on one thematic area. They however realize that, their social justice approach is not exclusive of one another and that, sustainable change in any sphere will feed on the successes of other realms of change. Currently, there are over 100 MiCHANGE projects in operations across the continent- positively and meaningfully impacting thousands of lives and communities.