This year a solid theme of focus for us at WCA is  mentorship and ensuring that women are opening spaces to support and build each other up not just in business but also with professional career  and personal growth.  This is why WCA was thrilled to partner with the African Women’s Development Fund-USA and Moremi Initiative an organization that develops African women leaders to become leaders. Read More



2017 MILEAD FELLOWS PROGRAM- For Young African Women Leaders

 Moremi Initiative for Women’s Leadership in Africa (Moremi Initiative) hereby announces its annual call for applications for the 2017 MILEAD [Moremi Initiative Read More


Born to Malian parents in New York City, along with her father’s career in the United Nations, Ms. Aminata Annie Soumare was exposed to different cultures at an early age.  In addition to living in the United States, she spent a significant amount of time in Rwanda and Benin where she received part of her education.  In 2015, Aminata studied abroad at the Read More


DR. ETTAMBA AGBORNDIP is a 2010 MiLEAD FELLOW from Cameroon. An outstanding medical doctor, Ettamba’s success in the medical profession validates our conviction that, gender is no barrier to success in any endeavor.

When we first met Ettamba, she was a hardworking 19-year old student at the University of Buea, Cameroon Read More


Moremi Initiative, in partnership with UN Women, UNAIDS and WASCI, and with support from US Embassy-Accra, convened a historic dialogue on young women and girls’ participation in the 2016 Ghana Election.  Recognizing the impact that a meaningful engagement with women and girls can have on the forthcoming elections, the over 100 young citizens representing all ten regions of Ghana and diverse socio-political backgrounds, hereby put forth these collective demands to the stakeholders of the Ghana 2016Presidential and Parliamentary elections: Read More


On the 17th-20th of June 2016, the MasterCard Foundation (MCF) in collaboration with Asheshi University convened the Baobab Summit for MCF Tertiary Scholars. The Summit is an annual convening of Tertiary Scholars representing all MCF partner institutions, and serves as a platform to rally scholars for transformative change, leadership and movement-building. The space also provides scholars with options to access networks, leverage opportunities, and be inspired by mentors from several professional spheres.

As a key partner supporting Read More


Back then…

2013 was a critical year for Joannie Bewa, aged twenty-three then. She was already practicing as a Medical Doctor in her home country- Benin. She had already been serving her community in the areas of reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, women’s leadership and civic participation for the previous five years.

It was this year that she was named one of Africa’s Most Outstanding Emerging Women Leaders by the Moremi Initiative for Women Leadership in Africa and therefore awarded the prestigious MILEAD Fellowship 2013. To kick-start Read More


Everyday our fellows change the world. From simple acts of kindness and solidarity to revolutionary and principled acts of defiance, they have proven to be leaders who can transform and change institutions that legitimize and perpetuate discrimination.

In 2012, Ms. Mureyi was chosen as a MILEAD Fellow from Zimbabwe. This was in recognition of her excellent leadership potential and demonstrated achievements in community service. Dudzai is a pharmacist by profession, and qualified in 2011 as class valedictorian. Read More